Red Rider Music – (a division of JC MediaWorks, LLC), a music production company and online music label, is a place where you can find the development of up and coming artist providing new music ranging from indie R&B, Gospel, and mainstream hip-hop to experimental pop and electronic. It’s the shining star you see up and coming or the local band you’ve never heard of, we cover it all. We work closely with talented artist who are into making good music for you. All music written arranged and produced exclusively by and for Red Rider Music.


We are often asked, why the name “RedRider?” The idea was to think of two forces that are different but have a lot in common.  Red is a color of emotions and energy, ranging from excitement and joy to anger and rage.  In this case it is a color of growth from its dullest shades to a fiery glow of brightness and speed. A Rider is the perfect symbol for the emerging artists striving to compete in a ever growing and changing music world that has become so much a part of us all.  It’s a tough but exciting road. They make inroads however they can and when the time comes, they take flight and burst onto the scene glowing fire RED HOT.   Use your imagination and become a part of our journey.



Frankie Jordan


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